Writing Session 3: Yes, I cold-called all those hospitals...

I’ll start today by writing about recruitment for the survey hosted on this site from February through June. This should be fairly easy, as I have written extensively on the subject for IRB protocol submissions. I’m guessing this part of the methods section will take up about a page and a half of the paper. I aim to write the clinical interview section tonight as well. Then, next time, I’ll begin writing about item development. No worries about tonight’s writing.


The section on recruitment is complete and I am ready to begin writing about the development of the screener items. That, however, is for another day because THAT will be quite a challenge.

Words: 2343 (1652 w/out outline)

Pages: 9 single-spaced (5.5 w/out outline)

Feeling: Like I should probably start writing the items for the screener