Writing Session 7:

I have finally made it. No more outline. There are areas to go back to—to emphasize, to support with specific references, to squish around a bit; but I’m willing to say the first draft of the Methods section is complete. I estimate the the dissertation in full will come in at around 175 to 200 pages. And given that I will be running SO MANY ANALYSES and will have many pages in the appendix (showing images of the screener, the survey, the protocols, etc.), I’m guessing the proposal, which includes the introduction, the theoretical framework, and the methods, will probably end up being about a third of the dissertation—so no more than 70 pages.


The next time I pick this up (next week), I’m going to attack the introduction. I have to dig into the survey data for this, but I’m coming around to the idea of printing out the responses and reading them over coffee in the morning, crafting my composite characters in the early morning and letting the darkness fall away as I enter into my busy days. 5 pages for an introduction and 25 pages for the theoretical framework will bring me to about 52 pages, which leaves me 18 pages to extend my methods section in the ways I know it is so very needed.

I was feeling very bewildered at the start of the week, but now I have a rhythm. My advice for anyone enduring this is to skip the details on the first go around. If you go down a rabbit hole or two, you’re going to get discouraged. But if you get the essential information documented, you’ll reach the end of a section, and once you see the end, you wont be so afraid to go back in.

Pages: 22

Words: 4742

Feeling: Ready for the survey data!

PS: I wrote about a thousand words tonight!!!